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Relationships are a fact of life. We all live in relation to each other as spouses, children, parents, friends and colleagues. Even in the best of these relationships, inevitably, problems occur. Often, we are able to resolve these problems on our own. However, there are times when the help of an expert in relationships, such as a Marriage and Family Therapist, is needed to:
  • improve communications
  • increase understanding in your relationships
  • resolve conflicts
A skilled Marriage and Family Therapist can also help during times when there is a desire to simply strengthen the bonds of relationships and gain a better understanding of one another.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have helped my clients to improve their lives and relationships by:
  • relieving sadness and depression
  • overcoming worry, fear and anxiety
  • overcoming the effects of trauma and abuse
  • discovering creative ways to resolve conflicts and solve problems
  • improving communication
  • improving confidence and boosting self-esteem
  • overcoming stress related to parenting and issues in step families
  • dealing with issues related to divorce
  • overcoming marital discord
  • overcoming issues related to loss and grief
  • finding new and more effective ways of dealing with the every day stresses and strain that can plague relationships
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